About Us


We as a Dhobhi community are spread all over India. In each state we have our own custom, culture and language. We all believe that we belong to same community irrespective of our state and language. So there is a need of having a central place for all community member to get together and share everything which is happening around us. We can share our communtiy events here. We can discuss social and other issues here.
We are fortunate to have such a large number of socially active members in community who are working towards the welfare of our community. We are going to make a place where we could know and understand their valuable contribution for our community.
We can share new ideas about our traditional business or any other progressive idea we can share. We can share information regarding education and various scholarships which are available for our students.
What we are doing here is to provide a place where all our community members can come together and share community related information.
We know there are some sections in our community but we have decided to be third party in such condition. Which means we will not incline to any group or sect and we will always try to make this central place available for everyone who is a member of our community.
We as a administration will never have the affiliation to any such group, state. or language.
We have only one agenda and that is to server Dhobi community from all over the world. We also do not mean by Dhobi only. Dhobi community have several other names in some other states. We represent them also may it be Parit or Madawal. We all are members of one community.

Jay Gadgebaba. Jay Gopala.