Why we need a website?

Thought behind having a dedicated website.

We as a Dhobi community is well spread all over India. We are in urban and in rural area also.  Every state have its own version of our community, with the language we have different name, different dress, and different rituals also. But what we have in common is our traditional business that is washing cloths for living. This common work or legacy of work build our community.

Now as our society is doing well we are taking jobs in government and private sectors. We are doing farming and other business. But we still kept our identity as Dhobi (synonym in regional language).

This website is a humble try to bring all community members in ONE central place and give them a central and liberal space where everyone can come, join, read, write, talk, discuss and get connected with other community members.

In today’s world internet is very useful and effective medium of communication. So we decided to create a website for our Dhobi community. The name of website makes it clear that this is a website of Dhobi Community of India.

Thank you.

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